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Soft reminds of some of the better pop tinged rock ‘n roll from the 90’s. In fact, I immediately thought of Oasis’s album Be Here Now when I heard “You Make Me Wanna Die.” However, Soft does not sound like they’re copying Oasis’s style. They have an approach all to their own that has a lot more of an alternative rock feel to it. For example, you probably wouldn’t find Soft’s style of distorted guitar playing in a typical mainstream rock ‘n roll song.

However, Soft’s music is not without its flaws. Even though the lead vocalist has a pleasant singing voice, his words are sometimes overtaken by the guitars. But that’s only a minor problem in my opinion. But I would say that the songs sound a bit repetitive. The high-pitched, echoing guitar (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it) starts to sound the same from song to song. Since it’s one of the more noticeable instruments it makes the songs sound too like one another.

But despite those issues Soft still makes for an interesting listening, especially “You Make Me Wanna Die,” which I think could put up a good fight against any mainstream rock ‘n roll song you might hear on the radio. They just need to refine their sound a bit and come up with some new variations on the vibe they’ve already got going. They have the potential to be something special.

And if Soft has released an album then I don’t know about it. So enjoy the MP3’s and if you like what you hear, make sure to keep an eye on the band and any new material.

Soft – You Make Me Wanna Die
Soft – All That You’re Shown


Tomorrow will be the last of the requested posts. I might post something on Sunday. I’m definitely going to post something for Valentine’s Day (whether I do a cliched lovey-dovey post or some anti-Valentine thing will depend on my mood and maybe reader response). Then for the rest of February I’ll be posting about black artists in honor of Black History Month. Some of the bands I post about may be racially mixed. For example, I might post about a band like Dave Matthew’s Band, which has three black members and two white members, just so we can see some collaboration between the races. Always nice to have some positive vibes of unity flowing around.

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