About Radio KRUD

Radio KRUD is a music blog started in 2004 by music enthusiasts who are dedicated to spreading the work of musicians with the philosophy that every song, artist, and album has an audience.

Our goal is to spread the word about interesting music and to write about it in an overall positive light so that it will find listeners who will enjoy it. If we have criticisms, we’ll be honest and straightforward about them, but our hope is that each new post comes out positive in the end. Even if something’s not to our tastes, someone out there will like it, so if we can find something interesting about it that others can appreciate, then we will prioritize that interesting aspect over our criticisms.

If you want to submit a song or an album or recommend an artist, please contact rivaldave@radiokrud.com.

In the event that any of your songs have been erroneously posted and you would like them to be removed, or if you have any other technical questions related to the site, please contact staff@radiokrud.com.


About Rival Dave

I write most of the posts for Radio KRUD. I like to share my passion about all styles of music from around the world with anyone who will listen.

Rival Dave is obviously a pseudonym. I use it to set myself apart from all the other Daves on the Internet while maintaining a shred of anonymity. It also makes a handy, memorable username! In case you’re wondering, the nickname comes from my college days when I was hanging out with a group of people who already had a well-established Dave among them, so they dubbed me his rival. Thus, “Rival Dave” was born..

I don’t have much in the way of formal training, aside from being a self-taught drummer, but I was raised in a family where music was as much a part of life as eating and breathing. Many of my relatives were or still are musicians in a variety of genres, and I developed a taste for discovering new music from an early age, especially the weird and unappreciated stuff. Although, I’m not opposed to more conventional, popular tunes too!

I hope you enjoy what I write and that find some good music on the site. Feel free to leave me some feedback so that I know what I’m doing right or wrong.