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Alright, I’m going way off the posting line-up I had originally set up for myself and straying way off my normal posting format, but I got a brand new computer with an awesome, new set of speakers and I’m using it to listen to an incredible band that

recently submitted their music to me. That band is Day of the Woman, a trio of electronic musicians that has assembled 14 awesome tunes for their self-titled album, which is entirely free to download by the way. The group consists of Yppah from Ninja Tune, Pollination from Exponential Records, and Stenographer.

Sorry, no picture of the band this time, but that’s okay, because the awesomeness of their music more than makes up for the lack of photographic evidence of their existence.

When I first started listening to Day of the Woman’s album, I was immediately reminded of a favorite Radio KRUD contributor: Downliners Sekt. DotW has crafted very atmospheric instrumentals that have a touch of unique experimentalism to them. But even though the music has a surreal quality, it’s also incredibly catchy. So while your mind is drifting off with the mood of the music, your body is kept down to the earth with the thumping beats that will get your head nodding.

I’m keeping this post short, but I strongly encourage everyone who reads this post to download Day of the Woman’s album. It’s free and you will not be disappointed!

<a href="">Day of the Woman by Exponential Records</a>

One thought on “Ambient, Catchy, Awesome

  • Poonam

    Yes you can. As long as you have email set up on the phone. And it downloads dlrectiy. But I prefer to use the web base mail application to download the files. So if you use Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail, use the applications that are from the mobile Internet, not the mail app integrated into the phone. But truth be told, I’m not sure if Google or Hotmail does it because I use Yahoo. But I’m almost certain they work.Sorry I get off the topic down here/ / /And as much as I love the iPhone. It doesn’t download ANYTHING dlrectiy from Safari (unless you jailbreak it, which I did XD), except for images. Everything is through App Store, Mobile iTunes, or iTunes on a computer, and it isn’t even free! Except for Apps and Podcasts. I’m not hating on the iPhone, I’m just pointing out the flaws.Hope this helps


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