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The Psychedelic Avengers

The Psychedelic Avengers are an interesting, sci-fi influenced band with a pleasant, ambient style. But I can’t accurately define their style myself, so I’ll use their self-description instead of trying to come up with my own: “It’s an interstellar meltdown of psychedelic, alternative, drum&bass, stonerrock, freestyle electronics, space pop, alien e-rock and folk … or simply cyber-psychedelia as we like to call it.”

The term “cyber-psychedelia” is probably most accurate of all those genre associations because the Psychedelic Avengers’ music makes me think of the spirit of an 80’s sci-fi flick, like the The Last Starfigher, mixed with modern psychedelia. You can imagine yourself cruising through space with an alien crew in a shiny, steel spaceship while listening to this music. It makes for a fun listen.

My only problem is that sometimes the sci-fi ambience can get to be too much. The song titles, for example, tend to be a bit lengthy. Like this one, “In which young space pilot Lex Hunter finds out that a beta booster sound system, two teenage psycho nymphs from Bebulas 5, three orgasmatron pills and zero gravity can make a pretty good party.” I’ll be honest, I shortened the title to just “Lex Hunter” when I downloaded it from the band’s website and didn’t feel at all bad for being concise. In my oh so humble opinion, song titles should be song titles and not song abstracts. But if you go to the band’s website, you’ll find out they’re really into the whole sci-fi thing. I suppose people who are more into that subject than me would appreciate the band’s fantastical indulgence. Me, I just like the sound of the music, but preferably when they stick to just instrumental and no vocals added.

Buy the Psychedelic Avengers’ album The Psychedelic Avengers and the Curse of the Universe

The Psychedelic Avengers – A daring escape through the asteroid fields of the Jugon
The Psychedelic Avengers – Mistress Saya

I did not shorten either of those song titles. They appear as the band intended them to be named.

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