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Been a few days

Well, it’s been a few days, but I’ve got a few songs I couldn’t get out of my head in the meantime. Hmph. That’s my lame way of saying that once again, I’ve been busy. Maybe I’l just start making up exaggerations for why I haven’t been posting, like this:

NOW THAT I’M BACK FROM MY TRIP TO PLUTO… I’ve had some songs and miscellanea from a few other musicblogs stuck in my head the past few days. First off, from Your Pal Doug‘s latest mix, I’ve had a few stuck in my head, most especially “Workin’ At The Carwash Blues”, “Alvin’s All-Star Chipmunk Band”, “Perpetuum Mobile”, and last but DEFINITELY not least “Wenn ich vergnügt bin, muß ich singen” (which is probably the one song I can’t stop thinking about).

Next up, after watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I found that several musicblogs had posted the song sung by Björk. Now, I’m not a big fan of Björk (she tends to put me to sleep), but I’ll still post the Björk song here… except it’s not The Björk Song! Well, it is “The Björk Song”, but not the one she sang at the Olympics. Not even sung by Björk at all! This one is actually more of a love song about Björk, from the ol’ Brunching Shuttlecocks comedy site. The site isn’t being updated anymore from the looks of things, but the song is still up (which is good because it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Olympic performance)! Björk Björk Björk! There, that makes it 10.

The posting of the Björk song from the performance seems to have caught labels’ attention regarding musicblogs (on a related note, I’ve decided not to post the link to my personal internet radio station – see last post for details). Part of it has been like some bad soap-opera / intarweb drama with Warner Brothers seemingly trying to astroturf an album via musicblogs. Check The Fotu Hut (yes, I know it’s “The Tofu Hut” but the typo was too good to pass up, haha) for some insightful thoughts on the whole issue.

Oh! Reading about the number of visitors different musicblogs get remind me: welcome to all the visitors now heading over from mp3blogs.org! Maybe our average number of visitors a day will go over 50 now! I bet most of that is me refeshing the page to see if anybody commented or just on my way through to check out the site usage stats, hahaha…

On the heels of the Hulk Hogan songs posted the other day come this mp3 from Garth (you might remember him from the Listeners’ Choice post a few days back) – this one’s Macho Man Randy Savage totally dissing on Hulk Hogan while attempting to rap – very chucklearious!

“Be A Man” – Macho Man Randy Savage [ buy Be A Man ]

Last off, a free download from amazon.com – a hard song to sing until they tell you how to sing it during the song: “Mairzy Dotes” – Eric Nagler [ buy Improvise With Eric Nagler ]

I really need to get myself to a used cd store and find something different to post from the bargain bin or something, heh.

2 thoughts on “Been a few days

  • Wonder if the Hulkster recorded a repsonse disc to this…the wrestling version of the Roxanne records!

    I’d hate to see my numbers based on how many I refresh my site 🙂


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