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Hulk Hogan / Internet Radio Station?

Quick post before I go off to bed for the night… just poked around until I found something I had that was pretty random, and these two fit that criteria, I’d say… not much to say about them, other than I can see why Hulk Hogan’s singing career never really took off…

“Hulkster’s Back”
“I Want To Be A Hulkamaniac” – Hulk Hogan

I used to run a small internet radio station off a spare computer I have on my home network – I got it back up and running recently, and I was thinking of putting a link for it up on here, but a) I don’t know if anybody would really listen to it, and b) with the royalty rates I’d have to pay, I don’t know if it’d be worth it. What say you? Then you’d get 24/7 listening to the songs in my library (except when the power goes out or my network goes down, of course, haha :P), and depending on listenership I may do a live show once a week or something, similar to Dr Demento. Hmm… anyways, why not leave me some feedback in the comments with what you think? I’d never want to put up affiliate links for the album links on here (since I’m providing more of a service as a hobby and don’t want to profit), but if I do set up an internet radio station on here I may do that to help defray the royalty fees. Or maybe I won’t get caught! But then again, I am running a musicblog here, posting songs up every day or two… I laugh in the face of danger! Ha! Ha! Ehh…

Yeah, leave some feedback. I’m still thinking this one over.

3 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan / Internet Radio Station?

  • Anonymous

    If you want, I can send you some mp3s of Macho Man Randy Savage trying to rap. They’re fun, in a kinda pathetic way, especially since he won’t say anything more offensive than “butt” (not even “ass”).

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to sign. That was me.
    – Gwalla

  • Anonymous

    have you check out the live365 deal? looks pretty reasonable …


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