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Musicblogging at work (continued), and finding new tunes!

In her last post, Megs was posting about some songs she purchased because she learned all about them from another musicblog – here’s two songs whose albums I purchased because of musicblogging as well…

Yeah, so it’s more Brazillian music, but I love how the instrumentation matches the song. For a while, all I’d really listen to were “Homenagem A Mongo” and this… these two particular songs are the culprits for me wanting sambas, haha.

“Os Orixás” – Trio Mocotó [ buy Samba Rock ]

I never really listened to Ben Folds, and even after hearing this particular song I still don’t, mostly because the rest of his material doesn’t compare! I knew of The Flaming Lips via their octophonic (yes, 8 speakers are needed) album “Zaireeka”, and I had investigated a few of their other songs on the iTunes Music Store, but other than that I wasn’t really interested in them very much. Their music seemed much too experimental for me to enjoy.

That said, when you combine the oddball lyrics of The Flaming Lips with Ben Folds’ piano playing, and add a lounge backup band in there, you get laid-back stuff like this that can’t really be created any other way I can think of. Now if only Ben Folds did more songs like this…

“She Don’t Use Jelly” – Ben Folds Five [ buy Lounge-A-Palooza ]

I think that’s actually the best song on that particular album… the other ones aren’t too bad, but they’re not in the same league.

I’ve added a new link over on the right, over by the link to the songs on the iTunes Music Store – if you’re using iTunes, why not check out MusicMobs? You upload your iTunes library to their servers, and it’ll chart how many times you’ve listened to each particular artist and various things like that, but it will also recommend artists to you based on what you tend to listen to the most! It’s interesting to check out… you can see my profile on there to see what I’ve got. Yes, I probably do listen to Vanilla Ice a bit more than I really should.

A similar service is Audioscrobbler, where you’d leave a program running in the background and it would report each song you listened to to their servers where it would chart things on the fly. I have a profile on there as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve used it… they were having some server problems a few months back and wouldn’t give you any recommendations, but I believe they’ve fixed those now. In any case, both services allow you to browse around and see what else people who have similar taste in music like that you might not regularly listen to.

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