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Too popular for my bandwidth / Musicblogging at work!

We’re starting too get too many downloads here, so I’ll either be cutting back on how long I leave songs up or looking for a new place to upload to. Or both. Or just post REALLY UNPOPULAR SONGS. Or just not “The Mighty Quinn”. It’s evidently much too good a song, but not too good for me.

Spoilt Victorian Child is my new favorite musicblog. Of my many favorites, even though defeats the purpose of using the phrase “my favorite”. I’ll come in again. Amongst my favorite weaponry…
I can’t remember from what blog I picked up Sondre Lerche’s You Know So Well , but whoever it was, thank you. I just bought the album, further proving that musicblogging works! I can be a little dense with music, as much as I like it; it can take a while for a song or artist to really sink their claws in me personally, even though I can pronounce snap judgments with the best of ’em. Sondre Lerche bowled me over and I can’t stop listening. I like to play Faces Down back to back with Jump’s Between The Dim and The Dark. Or my 2002 Dockstreet bootleg of Jump.
And now, the random song:
Kasahara Hiroko – Sora E (to the Sky) Offline until Friday, sorry!

I’ve never actually seen the anime this song is from, Romeo’s Blue Skies (or Romeo No Aoi Sora) but I got this song somehow. It’s interesting in that it’s a waltz and very nearly a polka… not at all your typical anime opening number. But it’s sweet and you can dance to it!

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