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First off, a song that was one of my favorites to listen to for a long time. The other songs on this particular album are pretty catchy to listen to as well, roughly similar in style, and just plain fun to listen to… I think I can pin most of the blame for me liking Brazillian music to this particular album.

“Homenagem A Mongo” – Som Tres [ buy Samba Soul 70! ]

I think I’ll post a few more songs similar to that over the next few days… I’ve also been working on the next virtual mix cd to post: “Music To Getaway By”. Think of good songs you’d see in movie chase sequences!

The other day I was editing another picture that Megs once drew of me ages ago, and since I was bored I animated the hand so the final result looked like this:

That reminded me more of the Batusi than Pulp Fiction (mostly due to me never seeing Pulp Fiction…). So, when I was originally searching for pages about the Batusi to show a friend of mine, I came across this site: Batman & Robin Play Their Favorites – from the looks of things I think they’re a dj duo from the Netherlands. They even have their a bat-sampler on their site!

So, to continue with the bat-songs…

“Evil Plot to Blow Up Batman” – Neal Hefti [ buy Batman Theme & 19 Other Bat Songs ]
How can you resist an album with a title like that??

“I Whupped Batman’s Ass” – Wesley Willis [ buy Greatest Hits ]
I once started singing “I Whupped Batman’s Ass” for a friend of mine while he was driving down the road, and he almost had to pull off to the side he was laughing so hard he began to cry! If you don’t know who Wesley Willis is or you’ve never heard one of his songs, then that’s probably a good thing. If you still want to know who he is, then imagine a 300 lb schizophrenic man who used to make a living playing songs on street corners with a Casio keyboard’s demo mode – about all the songs had the same tune, just different lyrics… most of the time. http://www.monzy.org/wesley/ says it better than I can (and also has a Wesley Willis song generator at the bottom of the page), and MTV has a few more details of him as well as the news of his death almost a year ago.

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