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Bluegrass Student Union

I think I’ll post some acapella / barbershop quartet type stuff for the next few posts. Dunno why (well, I do know why – I just stumbled across them while listening to my song collection and said to myself, “self, you ought to do a special on these.”). It’s probably got something to do with all that harmonization or something. *shrug* Me, all I can really do is just sing off-key in the shower (which I don’t do, to avoid deafening my family), or sing off-key in the car (which I do, since it’s just me).

I think I’d like to do something like a barbershop quartet though… I don’t really have a full range or fine control though, but heck, it’d be neat to try. Maybe. If earplugs for everybody else were issued ahead of time, then definitely.

For today, it’s the Bluegrass Student Union and their song “The Auctioneer”.

Sometimes when I think of how fast auctioneers can talk, I think of the guy who used to do the old Micro Machines commercials… wonder whatever happened to that guy?

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