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The Palace Flophouse


Nothing like some nice, down-to-earth acoustic tunes. And you really can’t get more down-to-earth than The Palace Flophouse, a solo act from Chicago, Illinois. The sound quality is pretty lo-fi, but the music itself is really good. It’s very pleasant and catchy. The main draws are the warm acoustic guitar playing and the sincerely tender vocals. Then the occasional xylophone, piano, or miscellaneous percussive instrument comes in and makes the music all the more effective at charming your soul. It goes to show that you don’t have to have the support of a major label or a big-time producer to create excellent music.

There’s no CD link this time, but if you click on the link above then you will go to The Palace Flophouse’s website where you find out how to order their upcoming split CD called The Paper Music that they’re releasing along with The November Story. You can also download more songs by The Palace Flophouse at Audiri.

The Palace Flophouse – Opening Credits
The Palace Flophouse – Headphones
The Palace Flophouse – We Were a Family (Missouri)
The Palace Flophouse – And I’ll Never Stop Singing

One thought on “The Palace Flophouse

  • Killer_Instinct

    I say the palce-flophouse sounds a really kick a** band i heard 3 their the songs is cool


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