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Not THE Office, just Office, so let’s just get that bit of business out of the way. They kind of look like the Upright Citizens Brigade if that group had formed a band. And just like the UCB, Office is pretty silly and quirky. They have a bouncy sort of pop sound that rocks hard enough to get your head nodding and your toes a-tapping but stays at the level of light-hearted rock ‘n roll. The solid compositional structure in their songs make their music easily addictive. Lots of replay value to be found. I suggest Office for people who are into off-kilter pop or who like like bands such Self and Fountains of Wayne. And if you dig their sound then you should check out their recently self-released album Q&A.

Buy Q&A by Office at iTunes

Office – If You Don’t Know By Now

The first track off of Q&A is freely available for download from iTunes for a short period of time, so head on over there and download it. You won’t be disappointed.

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