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The New Soft EP

Apparently Soft is sending a copy of their new EP to Glenn. I think Glenn had told me about this before I wrote this post but I forgot. The opinions expressed below are based on my reaction to a song they had given us access to via their website (the song can also be found at Insound). A more complete review of the band and their music will be posted once we receive the EP.

Soft has recently come out with an EP that was apparently a #4 bestseller at Insound in November. Kudos to Soft. No, I mean it. If you look at an older entry I wrote about the band February 12 of this year, you’ll notice that I said that they were good but that they just had to work out some kinks in their delivery to turn themselves into something special. After listening to “Higher,” the first track off of their new EP, I can tell that Soft’s sound is maturing. They still have that semi-psychedelic pop rock groove going, but they’ve turned into something more refined and well-constructed than what I had previously heard by the band. The production still sounds rather amateurish as the vocals are often overtaken by the guitars, a common problem for independent, self-produced bands.

In my first post about Soft, I also said that they sounded like Oasis. In this new song they sound less like Oasis and more like Soft. They are coming into their own as a band, separating themselves from similar artists, and crafting their own unique sound that can be easily identified as being Soft. I’m looking forward to future releases from this band because I foresee them getting even better with time, especially if they get backed by a decent label that can help them expand.

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Soft – Higher

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