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People In Planes

When we here at Radio KRUD received two albums from Wind-up Records, I immediately jumped on the album by People In Planes for myself to hear and review – though I hadn’t heard of their group at the time, or the songs that they play, as an aviation buff the album artwork and the group’s moniker immediately appealed to me and I wanted to find out if their music would live up to my expectations. Though it seems that I’m not the only one who had a rocky start to their listening experience, I’m pleased to agree that they succeeded and after a few listens I’ve grown to like this EP (and at $5, how can you go wrong?).

The group itself is made up of 5 musicians from Wales, and they appear to play a mixture of rock styles and experiment with techniques – they’re not really a group that you’d expect a consistent style from. Wind-up Records describes it as “psychedelic indie-pop”… whatever it is they do, it seems to work very well for their songs. Previously known as “Tetra Splendour”, word on the street is that People In Planes is working on their first full-length album under their new name with a release date of early 2006.

When I first started listening to their song “If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)”, it was a little jarring at first – a woman’s falsetto was not what I was expecting. Once the song continued into more of what I was expecting to hear, it quickly became one of those songs that I couldn’t help but think about (even the falsetto singing from the beginning has now become stuck in my head). In fact, both Dave and I gathered that the song itself might be more of a single for the group, and it seems that might be the case as their website not only currently has a game related to the song as well as one of the most bizarre music videos I’ve seen.

Buy the People In Planes EP

People In Planes – “If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)”

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