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I Didn’t Say

Fiel Garvie

Before getting to the music that people have sent us, which Glenn and I will be doing later this week, I wanted to write a quick post about a band from the U.K. called Fiel Garvie. They provide listeners with an ethereally enchanting indie rock experience that is enhanced by the seductive, breezy voice of lead vocalist/guitarist Anne Reekie. Take “I Didn’t Say” for example; the gentle caress of Reekie’s voice is complemented by a hammering bass drum that almost seems to imitate the impassioned pounding of one’s heart. And ever present is the psychedelic tickle of the organ-like keyboards in the background that gives the song a deeply surreal ambience while the grinding guitars provide a very raunchy quality. In essence, this song is an example of the Fiel Garvie’s technical excellence as well as their incredible ability to subtly convey heated emotions.

Buy Fiel Garvie’s album Leave Me Out of This

Fiel Garvie – I Didn’t Say

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