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Due to popular demand I am reposting Killer Cuts, the soundtrack to Killer Instinct. Not only that but since this soundtrack is so hard to find nowadays, it will be permanently available in our library, so you don’t have to worry about any of these songs being taken down.

I also did a little bit of research based on a comment left on the old Killer Cuts post saying that Graeme Norgate composed the Killer Cuts soundtrack. This is true; however, it would appear that he worked alongside a guy by the name of Robin Beanland. It seems those two were frequent collaborators back when Norgate was still composing music for Rare.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on about the music. I’ll leave that to my old post. Go ahead and take a peek at that if you want to know more about the songs. And so, without further ado…

1) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – K.I. Feeling (Orchid’s Theme)

2) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – The Way U Move (Bonus Song)

3) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Controlling Transmission (Glacius’s Theme)

4) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Oh Yeah (Chief Thunder’s Theme)

5) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – It’s a Jungle (Riptor’s Theme)

6) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Do It Now! (Jago’s Theme)

7) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Full-Bore (Fulgore’s Theme)

8) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – The Instinct (The Killer Instinct Theme)

9) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Yo Check This Out! (T.J. Combo’s Theme)

10) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Freeze (Street Stage)

11) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Trailblazer (Cinder’s Theme)

12) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Tooth & Claw (Saberwulf’s Theme)

13) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Ya Ha Haa (Spinal’s Theme)

14) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Rumble (Bridge Stage)

15) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – The Extreme (Eyedol’s Theme)

16) Robin Beanland & Graeme Norgate – Humiliation (Hidden Track)

15 thoughts on “The Return of the Killer KRUD

  • FulGoRe

    Thanks 😉
    KilleR iNSTiNCT FoReVeR 🙂

  • LOVE Killer Instinct. Surely it’s time Rare made another?

    Thanks for the tracks. Can’t believe it’s 11 years since this game came out!

    T x

  • Ernesto

    Look I just love K.I. When my killer cuts CD was stolen I almost cried!!:. I tried to find that music again,, but It was not possible,,, here in my country e-bussines is not quite developed so my search was almost impossible until… you guys!! Im for real,, thank you very much, you made me happy; I know I could sound like a psicho, but No… Im a real fan,,, thank you again

  • Hi!, wow The Killer Instinct Cuts was me firt CD, at the year ’98. This CD is very good, and the game too. I’m always play this SNES game with me brother, and we say that this is better than the PS2, lol, Killer instinct is awesome for ever. My prefer figther is Orchid, she is strong and pretty…Thanks.

  • hydRane

    I have that CD on my hands just now! Legendary game and soundtrack. K.I. was a little thing I grow up with! 🙂

  • Hey thanks for input and is so legendary that this soundtrack is very searched on the internet and that is why I am going to raise my page and the covers if you want I can send your mail. Thanks. Sincerely, LordWhite.


    thanks, found this right after i found the torrent, so if i cant get a seed in a while ill download from here
    chief thunder ftw

  • Greg

    OMG HAHA… I got the game in my room, i found it the other day along with the CD xD K.I. was the best gaem for SNES and will always be remembered for its awsomeness and killer tracks.

    btw…Fulgor FTW xD

  • Thank you for leaving this wicked soundtrack posted on your site. Nice website too by the way, keep it up. This rocks 🙂

  • Wow….
    Came across this via an old discussion on hypemachine somewhere online.

    Love the game.
    Still got the CD sitting somewhere around the house.

  • [S3V3N]

    Does anybody know who did these songs?? Is it somebody we might have heard of or was it just an in-house music dude??

  • Thanks for this post! I love K.I. it reminds me when I was younger and used to play it everyday, it’s still my favorite SNES game, is it possible that you might post the Soundtrack for Killer Instinct GOLD? love it too! Tnx

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  • Salashin

    Holy CRAP! I have this disk, but the years have not been kind and I can’t get any of the tracks off it. This is a LIFESAVER! Thank you and Bless you SIR!

  • Piccoro

    Thank you, man!

    I wish that Nintendo buys Rare again, so we can have another Killer Instinct…


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