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“Fifty percent of rock is having a good time.” – Roger Daltrey

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I know I've mentioned them on Radio KRUD before, but Metalsome Monday, a live-rock-band-karaoke group from Atlanta, GA is one of the most fun groups to see and perform with… you pick a song out of the many they have, and when it's your turn to sing you get up on stage and play rock-star with the rest of the group playing the song and doing backup vocals – it's really quite fun! I saw them origina

lly in Atlanta at Music Midtown, a giant concert with dozens of bands over three days, and when I saw it I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and though I'd never done karaoke before that I had to give it a try.

Fast forward a few months, I had been wondering if there was anything similar in the Baltimore/DC area, and after asking around I coincidentally found out that they'd be performing in Baltimore at the Fells Point Fun Fest. Sang with them one night at a local bar, and sang the next day at the festival – this is the video of me at the festival, shot by our very own Rival Dave (who won't let me upload his karaoke! phooey!). Enjoy!


3 thoughts on ““Fifty percent of rock is having a good time.” – Roger Daltrey

  • Rival Dave

    Let me see my karaoke video first and then you can post it after I have given it my approval.

  • Hooray! I’ll show you some time when I can…

  • Cristian

    Also,when I was little,my mom would put on these songs for me to go to sleep.I also used to be able to name the album of every Green Day song.This is my muscail liking.It has made me happy for years now.Never regret liking Green Day.

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