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Do Foxes Wear Gloves?

Whoa, I was all set to write a post about a metal band then all of a sudden I found myself getting deeper and deeper into pondering the overall genre of heavy metal and how all its subgenres relate to one another. I’ll have to back away for a little bit, compose myself, and try to come up with some interesting discourse for a future post. In the meantime I’ll satisfy your musical desires with a band called Foxgluv.

D Lux D Coda & DJ Kin

And don’t think I’m using this band as a desperate throwback. I’ve been interested in them ever since I found their song “Treats & the Tricker” on betterPropaganda. It’s been one of the songs I’ve listened to the most in the past couple of months with it’s incredibly groovy, laid back beats.

So I finally browsed through the band’s site, previewed their album Flame & Fortune, and was very surprised by what I found. They weren’t what I was expecting after listening to “Treats & the Tricker” but I really liked what heard nonetheless. Imagine a trip-hop band with a style like Deee-Lite that took a lesson from Paul Simon’s worldly influenced Graceland. Got an idea of what they sound like? Well you’re wrong. Foxgluv is one of those bands that’s hard to pigeonhole, so it’s hard for me to give a good impression of what they sound like. All I can tell is that they are a trippy band that comes up with some really solid grooves. Check them out. Even if you don’t like their sound, it will be reassuring to find something so unique.

Buy Foxgluv’s album Flame & Fortune

Foxgluv – Treats & the Tricker

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