Klassic KRUD


I think this band's name describes me pretty well in terms of my inability to keep this blog updated. Anyway…


Dufus presents a deep and transcendent mixture of confrontational songwriting, whip-smart lyricism and massive beats interspersed with avant-punknoise and groundbreaking improvisation; they are helping to define the curve for an awakening generation of artful rock musicians. At least that's what their bio says. I've also heard them being compared to Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, which strikes me as being fairly accurate. If you look at Zappa's work, he had a tendency to experiment with pop conventions and end up with utter insanity. But it was good insanity. Dufus does something very similar.

If it pleases the audience, I put forth “Mor

e Girl Cops” as an example. It's wild, chaotic yet it's quite catchy with it's memorable chugging bassline and a hook laden chorus. The song also has the satisfyingly orchestral feeling that Zappa's work had, giving it a very complex edge that will never bore the listener's ear. And let's not forget the off the wall lyrics. Very important. Just the chorus itself is journey to the land of craziness. “More girl cops / If you want to save the world / More girl cops / Less cops.” What the fuck does that mean? I have my interpretations, but I will leave them unknown. Just enjoy Dufus and hope that I'll post more frequently.

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Dufus – More Girl Cops