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Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes

Whenever I feel the urge to bring myself closer to being deaf, I listen to Wolf Eyes. Okay, I’m not exactly starting off with a ringing endorsement by saying that, but trust me when I say that Wolf Eyes is a good band. The chaotic volumes they reach are part of their draw.

Some people refer to Wolf Eyes as industrial, but I would file it under noise or experimental (maybe even experimental noise) because even though they have the deep, grinding, machine-like sound of industrial, their music possesses the harsh, abrasive qualities that are typical of the noise genre. Take “Stabbed in the Face” as an example. After listening to that song you feel more like you’ve been stabbed through your ear drums and into your brain. That’s the kind of effect that the noise genre leaves on you. And whereas most bands wouldn’t consider this a compliment, I think Wolf Eyes just might: they do an excellent job of leaving you with a head ache.

So if you like noise, you’ll like Wolf Eyes for they are masters at what they do. If you don’t like noise, put in some ear plugs and get the Tylenol ready.

Buy Wolf Eyes’ album Burned Mind

Wolf Eyes – Stabbed in the Face

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