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So does anyone reading this know who U-God is? Maybe? Maybe not? Does the name “Wu-Tang” strike up some memories? Because U-God is the eighth

member of the nine Wu-Tang Clan members to come out with a solo album. In fact, it never came out until 1999, which may account for the fact that he is also one of the lesser known members of Wu-Tang. But the time it took to release his solo album should not reflect the quality of the music. U-God manages to compose some incredible lyrics with very clever rhymes. He also has a powerfully deep voice, yet it still has a laid back quality to it. Some would call his rapping unemotional and dry but I call it laid back. It’s certainly a lot better than most of the stuff you hear coming out these days, especially with the production assistance provided by RZA. The chorus of “Bizarre” is especially catchy and will easily get stuck in your head.

Buy U-God’s Golden Arms Redemption

Interesting fact: Golden Arms is one of U-God’s other aliases. So I guess the release of this album is his redemption.

One thought on “U-God

  • that album is immense!! i especially love pleasure and pain what a great tune and great lyrics too!!
    why do so many people think u-gods talentless i listen to this album almost everyday and i have solo albums from all the wu tang members.


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