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Fresh KRUD: The Battle and Three Cool Cats

These are a two songs I swiped from the Tofu Hut late last year, around October and November. They’re excellent examples of the variety of music you can find by browsing through the right music blogs. They’re also incredibly cool in their own ways.

The first song, “The Battle” by Medasyn featuring Frost P, Zuz Rock, Lady Sovereign, and Shystie, is a two-on-two vocal battle between the two men and the two women. The background music is very simple so the focus stays on the incredible rapping skills of the vocalists. They go at rarely heard machine gun speeds while maintaining vocal clarity. It’s amazing to hear. And like the Tofu Hut I don’t know where to buy the promo CD that features this song. I could only find a little information about the CD at Major FM.

Medasyn with Frost P, Zuz Rock, Lady Sovereign, and Shystie – The Battle

So let’s move on to the Coasters…

…and their song “Three Cool Cats.” No doubt a classic song. And it’s as cool as the cats featured in the song. I love the lead vocalist’s intense but not overdone vocal delivery. It adds to the subtle silliness of the song but still manages to sound seriously cool at the same time. Once you back his voice up with an excellent bass man, you get an awesome layering of vocals. Put that on top of the smooth, jazzy, and yet rockin’ instrumentation and you get a uniquely cool classic.

Buy The Very Best of the Coasters

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