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No, the title of this post doesn’t refer to the awesomeness that is Radio KRUD. There’s actually a band called the Shizit. Well, there was a band called the Shizit. They’ve broken up, so their main site is down, which is why I linked to a fan site.

I’ve heard the Shizit’s style of music referred to as “digital hardcore.” And they basically sound like hardcore punk mixed with synth metal, which makes that term pretty accurate. Based on their sound, you can also tell that they’re pissed off in that Rage Against the Machine kind of way. Their music lashes out at modern society with furious anger. Take the first verse from “Herdcore” for example:

Thinking for yourself is their worst fuckin’ nightmare
De-socialized youth is too much for them to bear
Not another party slogan or thirty second soundbite
Just a bunch of kids with the will to fucking fight!

Then later in the song guitarist Brian Shrader asks vocalist/programmer JP Anderson, “Hey yo, JP, check this out: if you could fight anybody in the world, who would it be?”

“Fred fuckin’ Durst, man. No question about it. And I want MTV to get a 30-second sound bite of me kicking the shit outta the little fucker,” replies the irate JP. I guess they’ve got something against pop culture. Understandable. And sometimes I want to beat the snot of Fred Durst myself. Maybe with Wes Borland’s guitar for some added irony.

Anyway, Shrader and Anderson were the only two band members, except for Jason Alberts who joined up late in the band’s existence to take over JP’s DJing duties during the live shows. Before Alberts showed up, Anderson would just be screaming at the front of the stage then go over to the turntables and start up a new loop. Either way, Anderson and Shrader were the creative forces in the band and did all the studio work. As a sidenote, I’ve only heard this stuff through secondary sources. Never actually got to see them live or anything. These guys live all the way in Washington state, the opposite end of the country. Too bad. I would have loved to see one of their shows. Their music is intense and I’ve heard that their concerts were incredible. I’ve seen pictures from their live shows and wished I had been there. But no Shizit for me.

Oh, and the “Buy this CD!” link below is just for tradition. You’ll have a hard time finding their albums for sale anywhere. Just click on the link below and it will tell you about the only location I know of where one could possibly get an album by the Shizit.

Buy the Shizit’s Soundtrack for the Revolution
The Shizit – 1985
The Shizit – Herdcore
The Shizit – Gak Bitch

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  • Hello

    Jackson here formerly of E115 Records. I just wanted to let you know that I have put up a site dedicated to The Shizit and the s.o.f.t.e.r. cd which I am still selling. I have given a link off the site to this review. Any traffic you could help send to the site would be greatly appreciated. There’s not much there at the moment, but I will probably develop it further as time goes on. Anyways, check it out and let me know your thoughts: http://www.theshizitcd.com


    Jackson Presley
    PostIdol Media Ltd.

  • Hey! One of those Shizit guys (the vox, DJ, songwriter) has a new band: Rabbit Junk – if you were a shizit fan, you should definitly check it out!


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