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Second Post to Celebrate Glenn’s Stateside Return

Glenn’s back from Europe, so we can go back to running Radio KRUD normally. And to celebrate his return (and to make up for the lack of posts while he was away) I give you a second post featuring Freezepop

…a band that claims to be “hip enough for hipsters but nerdy enough for nerds,” which is a very accurate statement. Their catchy brand of synthpop mixes the clever musical structuring of any “serious” synth-based band with the quirky personality of any self-respecting nerd or geek.

Their music harkens back to the synthpop of the 80’s, but it doesn’t sound outdated or cheesy. Instead, Freezepop approaches the genre from a fresh perspective that can be respected by any fan of the genre and probably many people who don’t normally listen to synthpop. In other words, Freezepop is cool (get it?!) and they’ve got style. The only thing that might drive some people away is the absence of any non-synth instruments. Well, the lead vocalist, Liz Enthusiasm, is non-synth but that’s a given.

Speaking of Ms. Enthusiasm, her delivery is very enjoyable and fits the tone of the music very well. It tends to be sweet and robotic at the same time, which just adds to the quirkiness factor. Especially for songs like “Science Genius Girl,” which has the fantastic chorus, “When I clone a human being it will want to hold my hand. When I clone a human being it will be a member of my band.” It gets even better later in the song.

So, yeah… Freezepop = fantastic.

Purchase Freezepop Forever by Freezepop

Freezepop – Lazy
Freezepop – Science Genius Girl (Remix Version Live on WMBR)


Corkscrew sent me a demo track from the solo album he’s currently working on. It’s good stuff. The guitar work is interesting and sounds a bit cleaner than his previous work. Take a listen and enjoy.

Corkscrew – Gentrification

3 thoughts on “Second Post to Celebrate Glenn’s Stateside Return

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s interesting. I went to high school with Sean Drinkwater (the only one looking into the camera in the pic you posted). My crappy band opened up for his fake metal band ten years ago! Although I’ve never been into 80’s synthpop much (I vaguely remember him being a huge Duran Duran fan), it’s nice to see that he’s still making music today.

    -Kip Grey aka Wreckfat

    (I saw this posted in Livejournal, but I’m guessing you’d prefer comments in here.)

  • So you used to go to highschool with that guy and open for his old band? Awesome. I guess that makes you a vicarious hipster nerd. Vicariously awesome.

  • Anonymous

    i am sean drinkwater. i am in freezepop.

    who is kip grey?

    kip grey opened for varicose veins?

    i’m not saying it didn’t happen because there are some hazy years there (next subject)…but what was the band called?

    there is a new varicose veins record coming out spring ’05….first one in ten years….coincidence?


    if this is ryan oakes i will laugh my ass entirely off.


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