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Paris Combo

I’ve been wanting to update for the past month or two, but haven’t been able to think of anything I wanted to say, and when you’re writing in a blog about music you’d better know what it is you want to say about the music. At least, that’s what I say. Anyway… I’ve finished my fall semester, finished the crazy retail work hours just before the holidays, and now I’ve got a little bit of breather room before I go on an expedition – I’m going to be going on a two-week tour of Europe, leaving one week from today… feel free to check the travel journal if you want to learn more (I have to admit, my dream job would be to travel around and talk about what it is that I see and where to go, so I’m going to be updating as resources permit as I travel). So, in this upcoming week, I’m going to try to bring to you some bands from a few of the different countries I’m going to be visiting.

Paris Combo – I stopped in the local used cd store in town a few days ago and this band caught my eye… I could have sworn that I found some song of theirs from another particular musicblog, but when I got home I checked my library and found one Paris Combo song, and it wasn’t even from a musicblog. Huh. Anyway, Paris Combo is from (where else) Paris, and their music is a great blend of jazz and loungey-around music. I don’t know what they’re saying, but their tunes are catchy.

“Living Room”
“Homeron” [ buy Living Room ]

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