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Ok, so I’m posting this a few days later than I said I would. Bear with me here and let’s move on.

I ran into today’s band, Epsilon-Zero, almost by accident. A friend of mine was searching for artists similar to Celldweller during the good ol’ days of MP3.com and Epsilon-Zero was one of the results. In fact, it was the only band that came up that was any good. My friend fell instantly in love with them and told me to go listen to their stuff. This must have been about two years ago. I’ve still been listening to the band’s music a good deal, but I haven’t really kept tabs on their activities since they seem to be as underground as a band can possibly be. It’s a problem.

One thing that I discovered when I went to their fan site, which I linked to up above, is that their lead vocalist, Jamison Boaz, has left the band to go off to college. This makes me wonder if the band members are in high school. It doesn’t surprise me since they do look a bit youngish in some of the pictures. However, they have such incredible talent for such a young band and Jamison Boaz has a surprisingly powerful and mature voice.

Back during the days when I could download their music from MP3.com for free, they had 11 songs available. 7 of those songs are on their self-titled album, with 4 new tracks. This is a recent development, because they had no CDs out back when MP3.com was free. Maybe if they had more new material on this album then I would buy it. They’ve provided me with more than half of its contents already.

All I can say about the music itself is that it’s very well done synth metal. The sound quality of these MP3s is a bit low, but you work with what you get, eh? And you especially can’t complain since I’m providing four songs this time.

Epsilon-Zero – Hollow
Epsilon-Zero – Raw
Epsilon-Zero – A Drug Not Meant for You
Epsilon-Zero – Wake Up

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  • adam motter

    epsilon zero is one of my favorite bands but i dont know anything about them. i try getting other people to know about them but im only one person


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