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The Locust

What do you get when you combine hardcore punk with moog synthesizers? The Locust… isn’t it obvious? What kinda dumb question is that anyway? I mean, they’re probably one of the more interesting bands out today. You have to admit that much, whether you like them or not.

Although they sound a lot like any other hardcore punk band with their incomprehensible screams and raging bursts of energy that rarely last a minute, the addition of moog synthesizers and their original musical attitude add a lot. Just take some of the song titles from their album Plague Soundscapes as an example: “Earwax Halo Manufactured for the Champion in All of Us,” “The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office,” and of course “Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better,” which I have made available in this post. And although the titles don’t really have much to do with the lyrics, that doesn’t mean you won’t find some interesting lines in the songs. I really like one line from “Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better” that goes, “Would the owner of an ounce of dignity please contact the mall security?” I’m also partial to the lyrics from from the original “Well I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle” that go: “Dad, sister is on fire. Shut up and get the marshmallows. Dad, I don’t like little brother. Shut up and eat what I give you. Let’s go. This damn dollar has got to get me two. Dad I’m tired of running in circles. Shut up or I’ll nail your other foot to the floor.”

The Locust released a remix album of the aforementioned song, “Well I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle,” which included a redone version of the original song and six remixes. I’ve included the Kid606 remix. It sounds less and less Locusty as it progresses, but it’s still a fun song. And I’m a sucker for those really fast drum loops. Oh well.

Buy The Locust’s Plague Soundscapes

The Locust – Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better

Buy The Locust’s Well I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle: Lab Remix

The Locust – Well I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle (Kid606 Remix)

One thought on “The Locust

  • Anonymous

    “plague soundscapes” has EASILY been my most frequently listened to record of the entire past two years…and I’ve seen the band twice. Absolutely amazing! The Locust are one of the best, most interesting, working bands.

    -chadly con Queso


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