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You’ve probably heard of these bands some point if you haven’t actually heard their material, but I felt I had to do a post about two of the most famous bands from the days when these girls groups were popular. The Ronettes, for example, were a group that worked with producer Phil Spector who is famous for his “Wall of Sound” approach to music. You can hear that in the Ronettes’ song “Be My Baby,” which is by far their biggest hit. It starts off with a very simple drum beat and then quickly progresses into a grand collage of strings, brass, and percussion. This orchestral pop sound adds an emotional intensity to the song that could have only from the mind of a musical genius. The lead vocalist, and Phil Spector’s future ex-wife, Veronica “Ronnie” Bennett isn’t the best singer, but her voice works for this song. She has a pleadingly, beautifully cute voice that works for song’s mood.

Although “Be My Baby” was probably more influential, “Will You Love Me Tommorrow?” by the Shirelles is probably more popular. It’s not quite as involved as Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” business, but it is still a beautiful song. For example, the lead vocalist Doris Coley is a better singer than Ronnie Bennett. Her voice is much more refined and she would have a much better chance of getting through American Idol. “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” is also a very strong song lyrically speaking. If you actually sit down and listen to what the song is saying word for word, you begin to empathize with the singer. Lines like, “Tonight with words unspoken / You say that I’m the only one / But will my heart be broken / When the night meets the morning sun,” speak with great emotional power to the audience. Think about it, ladies and gentlemen! Think about it!

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