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Found this today, and so I thought I’d point you to some Fresh KRUD I found by way of The Big Ticket“KA-BLAMO!” by Incredibad. I agree, these guys could be the next Beastie Boys, and their music video is pretty chucklearious to boot. I was already thinking of things during class today that were “KA-BLAMO!” or “NOT KA-BLAMO!”, so be careful after watching it or you may be on the peak of a pop-culture wave that’s sure to rival “WHAZZUUPPP?!?!?” in popularity! Who cares, though, it’s all in good fun! 😀

Also: I got my hands on a copy of Oliver’s mix cd of “Deep Covers”, and I say it’s a big hit over here in KRUDland – it was really enjoyable to hear these old-timey funked-up filled-with-soul versions of various songs. Take a look at that link to see exactly what’s on the mix, or cover it up with your hand as you scroll down to the ordering info if you want to be surprised.

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