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Well, ODB has passed on. In the words of our very own Rival Dave, “I’ll miss that ol’ dirty bastard…”.

What strikes me the most is how apropos this track is, from “A Night At The Hip-Hopera” by the Kleptones – be sure to listen to the bit at the very end!

ROCKTOBER report: we passed 3k visitors for the month! Yay you! Thanks for visiting! Didn’t get a single entry in for the air-guitar champion contest, though. It could have been something as simple as a picture of your bare forearm and a 3-sentence story about how you “just had to get a tattoo of an air-guitar because that’s how hardcore you were”. Or maybe an mp3 titled “Air Guitar solo” (in reality just a renamed copy of John Cage’s “4’33″”), with the description of how it was your “longest and best air-guitar solo, ever!” Oh well, guess I get to keep the loot all to myself, then. Nyah, nyah, that’ll show you! 😉

I’ve been toying with this idea for the past month or so, and now is as good a time as any to do it… when I add songs from musicblogs to my iTunes library, I’ve got a dozen or so different playlists, each for a different musicblog. These are all combined into smart playists that contain all of the musicblog songs, and a few other smart playlists based on different criteria – one of these is a continuously updating list of songs I’ve added in the past week, so occasionally I’ll spotlight other musicblogs and songs from this particular playlist with the goal of bringing to you “Fresh KRUD”.

Today’s “Fresh KRUD” is brought to us from “Broadcasts from Planet Blarg”, written by a certain EK – I’ve been following her art / music-videoing / musicblogging for a few years now, and since her musicblogging has been what got me into this here business, I guess it’s fitting for me to start off “Fresh KRUD” with a posting that she made recently: “Rasputin The Love Machine” – Boney M [ buy The Greatest Hits ] This particular song is very catchy… I think the first time I heard it I kept listening to it a few dozen times that day. My commute to school takes about 30 minutes, and over half that time was spent listening to this on repeat in the car. Besides that, it’s educational too!

Speaking of addicting songs, this one was brought to me by our own Meaghan, who had posted the song months before we started Radio KRUD and we used to do a little bit of musicblogging on our own personal journals on the side, before we found out that what we were doing was called “musicblogging” and that we weren’t the first sorts of people to do it. Anyway, this is a pretty catchy sort of hip-hop/R&B song that I can imagine the whole music video in my head. In slow motion, of course! All in all, this is a pretty funny song… “Walking To My Escalade” – T.I. Did you know that the Escalade EXT is the most stolen car? Doesn’t make sense to me (but perhaps this is whay this Mr. T.I. can walk to his Escalade, because it either was a) not stolen, or b) stolen, and subsequently located with the on-board tracking system and happened to be within walking distance). Me? I’ll stick with my Mini Cooper. 😛

If you find any good songs or know of a musicblog that’s not really getting the press you think it ought to have, why not shoot me an email with the details? The Rival Dave and I are busy working out reviews and whatnot of things we’ve been sent, so keep ’em coming!

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