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Blue Man Group

I remember the first time I ever heard any of Blue Man Group's music – rhythmic, electronic, percussive, simple, and catchy. Beforehand I had only heard about them (for example, an article in one of my computing magazines I read ages ago said that they used Macs for the effects in their shows), but never their music. Even what I had heard about them was kind of mysterious. After I heard them for the first time, though, I just had to get some of their songs – listened to a copy of “The Complex” I had borrowed, and later purchased for myself both their “Audio” and “The Complex” albums. I tend to prefer listening to “The Complex” more just because it's more rocking than “Audio” (with the exception of “Rods and Cones”, which is what turned me on to them in the first place) and has contributions by other musicians that have made it even more fun for me to enjoy (I'm not a Dave Matthews fan AT. ALL. – I have to say that I personally find that his voice just grates on my nerves – but him singing on “Sing Along” is one of the songs and contributions I enjoy most on the album), but they're both good overall.

I recently came into a considerable sum of money (~2 paychecks' worth, with a regular paycheck coming in the next few days) and was trying to figure out how to go about treating myself to something nice with it. One

of the things I was considering was doing something like going to Vegas and catching a BMG performance at the Luxor, heh… Not sure what I'm going to end up doing, but seeing a live performance of theirs is definitely on my things-to-do list. Especially when in the listings for job applicants they have as a requirement “the ability to rock”! I wonder if they give you real ponchos or Sears ponchos in the poncho section?

Check out the music video for “I Feel Love” (after seeing that I think I'm in love with Annette Strean… maybe I ought to investigate Venus Hum next, hm? :D), or “Your Attention” for a look at how things go down in a live show… what I want to know is, who gets to design those twists and turns of PVC tubing and create instruments out of them??

“I FEEL LOVE” [ buy Blue Man Group stuff ]