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The Abe Lincoln Story

Recently I was contacted by Steve Moramarco about his band The Abe Lincoln Story, wondering if we would please do a piece about them – I took a listen to their tracks they had online for download, liked what I heard, bought their cd Dance Party via the iTunes Music Store, gave that a listen along with Dave, and here’s what we have to say: great! 😀 Steve mentioned that they were a kind of “swing / punk / soul” band, or as he also put it, “Cake meets Booker T”. I could definitely notice the Cake influence, but not so much the Booker T. sound. Dave, meanwhile, said that it sounded to him a bit like surf-rock (especially the song “Rock Paper Scissors”). The lyrics are off-the-wall enough to make me think of They Might Be Giants, but rather simple – instead of songs about American presidents, here you’ll find songs about playing rock / paper / scissors, or not needing a bag at the grocery store (I could totally see Mitch Hedberg inspiring lyrics like “you don’t need a bag for a bag!”, haha).

I also looked at some of the older material by his previous groups, like the music video for “Satan, Lend Me A Dollar” which got stuck in my head. A pity that this song wasn’t available on the site for download, though… 🙁 Anyway, check them out and see what you think – as for me, I think they’re fun!

“I Don’t Need A Bag!” [ site for The Abe Lincoln Story ]

2 thoughts on “The Abe Lincoln Story

  • Just listening to the one song, I like these guys. Musically, really so, but not so vocally. Granted, most of my favorite bands start off bad vocally and touring cures them of it.

    ‘Fun’ pretty much sums it up, though. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded everything — I mean filthy EVERYthing — over at http://www.abelincolnstory.com, and I find myself overwhelmed with the majesty of this inspired music. Think They Might Be Giants mixed with Reel Big Fish meets The Pajama Pygmies and you’ll begin to visualize this music that the Abe Lincoln Story does so well. I give it eleven out of fourteen salami sandwiches.


    Jordanian Rainsweeper


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