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Senses Working Overtime / webcomic themes

I probably could have combined this into the previous post, but the bits for this post deserve a mention by themselves…

Recently I’ve been trying to organize the different songs I’ve heard from various musicblogs, so as I buy the actual albums or hear songs that I’ve downloaded I know where they came from. Since I’ve started, I’ve noticed that many of the songs/mixes that I’ve enjoyed the most have come from one place, so because of that I’ve added Senses Working Overtime to the list of Other Stations On The Dial to the right. A few of the gems I’ve found via Senses have been from Dana’s Downloadable Album of the Month, so why not just add Senses Working Overtime to your regular list of reading and see that when it gets published as well as all else that gets published over there?

Dave and I did our on-the-air radio show the other day (with our maximum number of listeners for the entire show being at 1 whole listener!), talked about a few different groups and generally had a good time. I think the show’ll now be called “Fresh KRUD”, and I want to try to showcase different songs from other musicblogs that I’ve found in the previous few days, so we’ll see how that works out – more details as things get figured out.

Courtesy of Garth (you might remember him from the listeners’ choice bit done last month), we also have two songs created by fans of webcomics as themes for a few different online comics: here are “Never Known Before” by Cyberseth for “College Roomies from Hell!”, and “Superhero” by Lareth for “It’s Walky!”. Meaghan should probably be the one really doing the bit about online comics though, as she’s the one that’s more hands-on with them (Megs: feel free to edit this post to add your own horn-tooting if you want! :D), hahah… As always, feel free to email in stuff for us to take a look at and post up!

Oh man, now I’m listening to German EZ listening songs, such as a version of “Cossack Patrol” (boy does that bring back memories of my Tetris-playing days), and “When The Saints Go Marching In” and a song that sounds rather similar to Classical Gas – I’m sad to say that it looks like this is a one-post fanboy-a-thon about Senses Working Overtime, but right now it’s my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, as if my entire taste in music has been channelled into one particular blog. Yowza!

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  • You can edit my posts, but I can’t edit yours!

    There’s a surprising amount of music associated with online comics, starting with James Kolchaka Superstar, though he’s print and web. Josh Philip’s Avalon had a whole album composed for it (that I didn’t care for at all), and T Campell did a musical chapter to Fans, where lyrics and mp3s told the story.


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