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Another Krud Cred spotting!

“Tänne asti lukeneille palkkiona linkki Radio KRUD iin, josta löytyy maailman ehdottomasti ärsyttävin instrumentaalikappale (jos hyviä lottokappaleita ei lasketa) – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass: “The Spanish Flea”. Yeah, baby.”

And here I was thinking that I’d be the only one to ever say “yeah baby” to Herb Alpert (besides Mrs. Herb Alpert, of course)! If anyone’s able to translate that page, kindly do so in the comments if possible – I’d be interested in hearing what was said! 😀

Continuing on with the international flavor brought to us by the last two KRUD Creds, here is some russian techno. I’ve got no idea about the details, but back in the heyday of Napster and free love filesharing, I thought to myself, “Self, you should search for the most random thing you can think of. Now what’s the most random thing you can think of? … I know! Russian techno!” At the very least it gave me some very random songs full of tetris playing and cursing, but this here being a family-oriented musicblog I’m not going to publish them – if you email me nicely then maybe I’ll send it to you, haha. After I found these songs, I listened to them a few times, but the novelty soon wore off so I burnt them to a cd and they were forgotten until now!

Russian Techno

Also, I’d like to especially highlight this mashup, it’s very addictive to listen to. Picture this:

“Toxic Shack” – Britney Spears + The B 52s [ more mashups by the same author ]

Quick linkage before I sign off the air: check out Radio CRMW – they’ve got a pretty good 3-person musicblog going on over there, much like your favorite Radio KRUD!

11 thoughts on “Russian Techno

  • A little detective work revealed that it’s probably Finnish? An on-line translator gave this:

    Hither till reading remuneration link Radio KRUD iin , whereof striking mundane utterly irritant instrumentaalikappale ( if much lottokappaleita no patter ) Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brazil : The Spanish Flea “. Yeah baby. “Unless the literal translation is way off the actual meaning, you might not want to know what it means…

  • Okay, Toxic Shack was just fun. With bonus points for a cool title.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a translation for you (don’t use those poxy software translators):

    “For those who’ve managed to read this far, here’s a link to Radio KRUD and the most annoying piece of instrumental music ever (not counting Lottery theme songs) – Herb Alpert…”

    Actually, the whole entry is a rant on the tunes they play during the televised draw in Finland. (The writer seems to think that the themes aren’t as good as they used to be, i.e. they aren’t as bloody annoying… how perverse.) In the comments, a reader suggests that Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax” (everyone remembers this one from The Benny Hill Show) might be even more annoying than “Spanish Flea”. What do you think, is he right? 😉

  • Bahahahaha, oh man, I guess my friends were right, that I’m really the only one in the world who likes Herb Alpert, hahahaha…

  • Oh, and I abstain from saying which is more annoying, as I have both The Spanish Flea and Yakety Sax on my computer… *sob*

  • Personally, I love the heck out of Herb Alpert. Which is awesome, since that and Mendes are so plentiful at the Goodwills/Salvation Armys of the world.

    I just created a blog especially to comment here…

  • Ooh, Sergio Mendes! If you say Esquivel, I’ll be your new bestest friend in the whole wide world!

  • Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for the plug for our site! Promise we’ll get back to regular posting frequency this week. Also thanks for all the music you’re digging up!

  • Ohhh, I likes me some Esquivel too. But the depravity gets much, much worse. Mrs. Miller… Moog Music of all sorts, oh heck. I can’t even go on. My shame is now public.

    Great blog though. Thanks for doing this.

  • My husband always tries to sing the Homer Simpson words to Spanish Flea when I’ve played it, which I think is infinitely more annoying than the song!

    … but I DO like Herb Albert. You are not alone!


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