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It’s narcissism time!

Tommorrow’s my birthday, but we’re going out and celebrating today, since Saturdays are the funnest. I’m also going to be posting extremely Megsian songs for the next few days. And I’m starting at the beginning.

The reason I love this musicblogging concept is because I like this personal style of music sharing. My friends and I in high school were mix tape fiends, forever making them and passing them around. It made sense, because CDs were expensive and we all loved music. I owe those friends my affection for Frank Zappa, The Who, Peter Gabriel era Genesis, and much much more.

But these mix tapes ended up getting me my first boyfriend. This charming young lad made the grave mistake of putting together a very special mix tape just for me, and put Crosby, Stills & Nash’s Guinnevere on it. Now, me having green eyes and golden hair, I thought the song was meant for me. This may have been correct, or I could have just been indulging in typical self-centric teenager behavior. Anyway, the end result was that I thought he liked me, so I liked him, and he ended up liking me. And then dumping me 6 months later for (wait for it) a man.

First breakups are always harsh, so I’m lucky that I had something so utterly amusing to dwell on to keep me from becoming embittered. (We were still good friends for the rest of high school). My little sister and I even made up alternate words to Dion’s Runaround Sue to further push the hilarity. Our version is Runaround STUE, with lines like “He took my love then ran around / with every single guy in town” and “Now people let me put you wise / Stue goes out with other guys!”

I mean, at least it wasn’t Teenager in Love. OOOooh oooh, wah-oooh!

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinnevere 4:39 [buy Crosby, Stills & Nash]

Dion and the Belmonts – Runaround Sue 2:44 [buy The Best of Dion]

3 thoughts on “It’s narcissism time!

  • At least that’s better than what my sister thought – she thought the song was called “Run-aground Sewer” ^_^;

  • I’d love to listen to about 20 minutes of that Guinnevere intro while sitting on my porch as it’s raining.

    My first breakup was actually a girl named Sue. And the song that most reminds me of her is the song we first danced to: The Everly Brothers’ All I Have To Do Is Dream–only a few years before your Runaround. And she also dumped me for a man. I mean… another man. It’s like you’re an alternate universe* version of me!



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