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Been busy the past few days, and still going to be busy for the next few, and yesterday was my birthday (yay 22 years old!), so yeah, it’s been busy all around, hahaha…

Don’t fear, though, because I’m here to bring you a quick song to liven up this boring period of no updates from me! I originally found this song online and downloaded it on a whim – I’m kind of a sucker for foreign songs (especially ones from Brazil – we’ll have more of those later), so when I saw this song I just wanted to hear it. I didn’t give it a proper listen until today while cleaning my room it just came up in my playlist. It’s not that bad, but I don’t know where it’s from, haha.

“Diabo No Corpo (“Devil in the Body”) (feat Lenine)” – Pedro Abrunhosa

I haven’t found anywhere to buy the cd yet, though. Shucks…

As my birthday gift to you, I’m going to have a listeners’ choice day here at Radio KRUD! I was thinking of this last week but never got a chance to post it (otherwise listeners’ choice day would have been yesterday on my birthday, haha). Here’s the details – you’ve got until this Saturday to email any mp3s you have or song names (and if I can get a hold of the song to post then I’ll post it), along with a short blurb about each, and then this Sunday or Monday (depends when I get finished compiling it up) I’m going to be opening up the Radio KRUD station to you! I’ll try to fit in as many songs as I can (webspace allowing), and depending how many submissions we get I may only get to do one from each listener, but (space allowing) I’ll do as many as I can. Just think of it as getting your own musicblog for a day with none of the commitment, or better yet, public access day at Radio KRUD! 😀

So what are you waiting for? Send me your favorites! Depending on response I might even make this some sort of semi-regular occurence.

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