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Jarabe de Palo! / more music I can’t understand

I’ve been really busy with so many people coming to visit me I really haven’t had time to post here. I’m grabbing some quick songs to post before my parents come pick me up today, since now they’re up to visit this weekend. Everyone loves me!

Jarabe de Palo is a group from Spain I never would have heard of except that my best friend took a semester abroad there and came back with them. From what I’ve heard of them, the group is pretty diverse musically and with what instruments they use and sorta half traditional with salsa and latin music. After that, it’s all in Spanish, which I don’t understand at all.

Jarabe de Palo – Perro Apaleao 3:23

Jarabe de Palo & Celia Cruz – A Lo Loco 4:15

2 thoughts on “Jarabe de Palo! / more music I can’t understand

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  • Per ora, a parte il teaser che srotma poco o nulla, possiamo giudicare solo la grafica dagli screen..b , dire che non ben realizzata non ha molto senso. Se gli sviluppatori puntano su una base grafica a “cartoon” poco importa, quello che conta che sia realizzata bene! E qui, secondo me, di atmosfera(come dice galilee) e grafica “tetra” ce n’ abbastanza..secondo me pi che soddisfacente


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