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Fancy, Fiery Rockitude

The Streets on Fire

Did you know that no one’s fucking to the radio? Neither did I! Thank goodness we have informed bands like generic”>The Streets on Fire to point these things out to us in a rockin’ sort of way. They’re education at it’s finest!

Alright, well maybe The Streets on Fire aren’t really all that educational, but rockin’ is definitely one their specialties as evidenced in their most recent album, This Is Fancy, which definitely has some punk blood coursing through it’s veins. And you can definitely hear some similarities with modern bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In the end, it’s plain and simple fierce, raw music with howling vocals, blazing guitars, thumping beats, and catchy melodies.

The reference I made to at the very beginning of the post was to the album’s first track, “No One’s Fucking to the Radio.” The title alone gives you a good idea of what kind of band you’re dealing with. It’s the kind of song title that says, “Turn the volume all the way up because this shit’s about to get crazy!” As an old friend of mine once said, this is the kind of music you piss off your neighbors with because you can’t help but blast it.

But not every song on the album is complete unbridled rock ‘n roll savagery. “Hello from Eastern Europe” is a relatively chill and laid back song. It makes for a nice break amidst all the crazy, blitzed out rockitude. This is also the first song where I noticed a bluesy kind of vibe that reminded me of the Black Keys, a resemblance that I started to notice throughout the rest of the album too, especially the really short track “Five” where a harmonica is worked into the tune.

Speaking of blitzed out rockitude, a great example of that is “Astronaut Love Triangle.” Don’t the Streets on Fire have some of the best song titles? Anyway, not only is this a really entertaining song in terms of subject matter, but it’s also got a sick drum beat with a lot of explosive power. In fact, This Is Fancy is an album where you generally get your bang for your buck… literally. It’s chockful of heavy, aggressive drumming that is energetic enough to put an earthquake to shame.

So you should definitely go check out The Streets on Fire. It you want some really high energy rock music with a punk attitude and even a little bit of blues influence, or if you just need something to blast out your windows at your annoying neighbors, then This Is Fancy is an album worth getting.

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The Streets on Fire – No One’s Fucking to the Radio
The Streets on Fire – Hello from Eastern Europe
The Streets on Fire – Astronaut Love Triangle

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