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Hello Lonely, Hold the Nation

There are a lot of reasons why I write this blog. Most of them are pretty simple: I love to write, I have a tremendous passion for music, and I have a huge ego that makes me think that people care about what I say. Okay, maybe not so much the last on

e, but one of the main reasons I love doing Radio KRUD is that it exposes me to all sorts of interesting and unique artists that I probably never would have discovered on my own. And of all the musicians that have submitted music to me, none stand out more than Downliners Sekt.

Downliners Sekt

Hello Lonely, Hold the Nation is the fourth release by Downliners Sekt and is the first in a three-part series of EP’s. And just like the band’s previous efforts it is no less interesting and unique; it’s a collection of experimental, electronic soundscapes that goes more for mood and atmosphere and less for catchy tunes. There has always been an element of that in this band’s work, but ambience seems to be more the overall goal than an underlying theme in Hello Lonely.

Having said that, Hello Lonely does have some interesting beats and song structures, most noticeably in “Inside Maverick’s.” The steady beat of the percussion and the repeated, distorted electronic noises create a dynamic rhythm that keeps you engaged in the darkly moody, yet calm atmosphere of the song.

But there a couple things that always impress me time and time again about Downliners Sekt. One is how they are always willing to distribute high quality, innovative music for free from their website. They were doing it a couple years before Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails made it trendy… not that I really have anything against Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails. But what strikes me even more is how each release manages to be so unique from all the rest, and yet there is that familiar Downliners Sekt sound present in each album. Only really talented bands can pull that off: drastically changing their already great sound without completely messing up the vibe they’ve already settled into.

This all points to a couple things. One, Downliners Sekt is just a damn good band that needs more exposure. Two, it is possible for a talented band to create great music without a major record label sticking its noses in their affairs, which I guess was the whole point of Downliners Sekt releasing their music for free in the first place. Their whole existence is to point out, “Hey, we’re happy outside the grasp of the music industry, you can be too.”

So why not go support Downliners Sekt by listening to their music and even providing them a donation? Or you can even buy Hello Lonely, Hold the Nation in vinyl format. To do so, just visit the band’s website or contact them yourself.

Download the full album!
Or download individual tracks:
Downliners Sekt – U Gumbu
Downliners Sekt – Dirty Meinz
Downliners Sekt – Inside Maverick’s
Downliners Sekt – Negative Green

You can also find Downliners Sekt on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

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