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Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. My life has been full of work and change, and in the midst of it all I started to lose that passion for finding and spreading new music. But I’m starting to rediscover that passion and I will try to update with mor

e traditional KRUD fair in the near future, probably once I get moved into my new digs in a week or so. I may even try a new format, something quick and audible.

Either way, I am inspired to get back into the groove of things and I have several albums to talk about that have been sitting around in my “to hype” pile for a while. Much apologies to you patient musicians out there.

Just so I don’t leave any anxious music seekers hanging, I have four really great music sources for you to check out. One is a podcast called WFMU’s Anti Static with Mike Lupica. It’s a really quick and casual podcast where host Mike Lupica plays three tracks a week off of three different 45’s by independent rock bands from the 90’s. It’s filled with nostalgic goodness and has that authentic lo-fi alternative rock I rarely got a chance to hear in my teen years but always loved.

There’s also this really interesting website I just discovered called Noise Trade. It allows users to download albums for free if they spread the word to five other people or to buy the album for whatever price they want at a minimum price of $1. I doubt you would have heard any of the artists on the site, but after a small sampling there seems to be some really interesting tunes up there. It’s a unique, innovative concept and definitely worth checking out.

I also have two other podcasts I wanted to mention, but these are just basically outlets for me to hear music that I really enjoy but never really actually sit down and listen to very often. One is the WGBH Classical Performance Podcast, which is an excellent way to listen to all the necessities from the world of classical music without actually having to throw down any cash. The other podcast is the Drum & Bass Arena Podcast, which brings you a weekly drum & bass mix. Each mix lasts approximately an hour or more. Great for parties or just bobbing your head to if you’re like me and aggressive beats are a guilty pleasure of yours.

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  • Uuk

    Amon Amarth! Probably get Oden instead of Twilight of the Thunder God.Lamb of God, Pantera The two most inutienlfal metal bands of my life.My top 5 are;PanteraLamb of GodSlayerMetallicaIron Maiden.Check em out ;P


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