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FiXt Remix Compilation

I figured that I would try to get one last post in before the end of May. This is just something really quick that Celldweller, an artist I’ve cialis order“>mentioned before, made available through his MySpace account. More accurately, this is something made available through a music service called TrueAnthem. You should check out their webpage, they offer an interesting service.

Anyway, Celldweller is providing a free compilation album of original songs and remixes that also includes the music video for “Switchback,” which makes for a pretty interesting viewing experience. Unfortunately, each song includes a quick introduction by Klayton, the mastermind behind Celldweller, giving a really quick plug for Haze. It’s a very minor distraction that doesn’t really cut into the song and could easily be edited out by those of you with the means.


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  • Naty

    SurprisedOwlJanuary 21, 2012 To those of us, in Australia and New Zealand where the last two Star Wars films were filmed, this label of gaolbl’ is a massive insult. We are still officially excluded. It will not be launched in Australia, but they now label their release as gaolbl?? Queue: All the fanboys that say we can still purchased non-supported versions├»┬╗┬┐ of the game via Amazon etc.


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