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What to Get Your Mother for Mother’s Day

So. There’s five days until Mother’s Day, and you still haven’t purchased your Mom a gift. Maybe you don’t know what she wants, or maybe you like to procrastinate – don’t worry, I won’t rat you out. I’m here to help!

See, if your Mom is anything l

ike my Mom, she’s a Clay Aiken fan. She also might not know that this American Idol alum released his latest album yesterday – this is his first album of original work since “Measure of a Man” was released in 2003.

Clay Aiken: On My Way Here

No sample tracks for download here, but you can listen to a few select tracks at his MySpace page before you go buy the album for Mom. There’s also a special video email greeting card you can have sent to Mom, but at the time of this writing it comes back with an error message after you’ve clicked “Send”… hopefully that’ll be fixed by Sunday.

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