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Radio KRUD now on iTunes

We’re proud to say that we’ve just been notified that Radio KRUD is now available through iTunes’ podcast directory. Even though anybody could subscribe directly to our RSS feed by pasting the link themselves into iTunes, we’re excited that Apple has

now accepted us into the podcast directory. What does this mean for you? If you’re a listener, it’s an easier way for you to get your KRUD since a sample of each of our artists we review from now on will be sent directly to you for your listening pleasure. And, if you’re an artist, then this’ll help get your work out in front of more people and so we can help increase your exposure.

If you want to subscribe to this feed, then you should soon be able to search for the site in iTunes to subscribe. Or, you can also go directly to the feed through this link in the meantime.

Please bear with us as we work on getting some kinks with this taken care of. So far it’s only got songs from the latest two reviews we’ve done, and we’ve already noticed a few things that will require some changes in the future to make these automatic downloads a bit easier for you, but we hope that this’ll be something that you’ll find useful.

One thought on “Radio KRUD now on iTunes

  • Patito

    Hey Deanna, the show looks awesome! I know weird mode of inuiqry, but I was wondering if you or Ed had anything showcasing in Paris right now? Thanks,Ross


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