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Whenever a band submits a CD to Radio KRUD, I always have a tough time picking which songs I want to post. Ideally, I’d like to display a band’s best material while also choosing songs that don’t sound exactly alike. It’s putting up quality music that also gives a sense of the band’s sense of artistic depth and originality. But this task of choosing songs becomes even more difficult when a band explores so many creative outlets within a single album and no one song stands far above the others in terms of quality. I love Jeff Leisawitz, the producer/composer/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist behind Electron Love Theory, for providing the world with such quality music, but at the same time I hate him for making my work here at Radio KRUD that much harder. But with the songs I have chosen, I will try to paint as deservingly good a portrait I can of today’s band.

Electron Love Theory’s most recent release, Colors of the Galaxy, can primarily be described as electronic pop, but there are very noticeable variations from this overly simplistic classification throughout the album. Leisawitz, with lots of help from the gorgeous vocal stylings of Gaetana Gravallese, manages to give each song its own unique aura that distinguishes itself from every other song on album. Yet if you listen to the album one track after another from beginning to end, then it makes for very smooth, pleasant ride. It’s like sitting in the passenger seat of a car as you’re driving down a scenic highway; even though there’s an enormous variety of objects on the side of the road catching your attention, they all come together to form a single landscape that continues in one endless line as long as the car keeps moving.

Let’s look at some particular songs to get a better sense of what I’m talking about. For example, “Puzzle” almost sounds like a modern rock song with synthesizers replacing a lot of the guitar and bass parts. “Uptown” has a very noticeable funky disco sound and even a little bit of an old school rap vibe flowing through it. The track that follows, “My Own Worst Enemy,” has a more alternative rock feeling with its willingness to cut loose the emotions a little more and be a tad more aggressive while still having that laid back pop quality. “Your Love Is Bringing Me Down” has a lot more in common with modern R&B than any of the other tracks with its bass-heavy beats, its lovelorn lyrics, and silky smooth acoustic guitars. Yet throughout all of these songs there is a common thread being pulled through in the form of Leisawitz’s skillfully composed electronic pop hooks. The whole album becomes one glorious whole, to quote Arnold Rimmer from “Red Dwarf.”

Colors of the Galaxy by Electron Love Theory is definitely an album well worth having if you’re into music. It doesn’t really matter what genres you like, you’ll enjoy this CD. I guess if you’re a real metalhead, a severe punk rocker, or a gangsta rap junkie and you’re opposed to all forms music that won’t blow your ear drums away and offend your neighbors, then I suppose this music isn’t for you. Otherwise, you should buy the album at CD Baby or

Electron Love Theory – Endlessly (Version 2)
Electron Love Theory – Uptown
Electron Love Theory – My Own Worst Enemy

For more information and music by Electron Love Theory, visit their webpage or their MySpace page.

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