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Celldweller Remix Competition

I just wanted to get the word out about the Celldweller Remix Competition. It’s a four round contest in which a Celldweller song is separated into WAV files and then made available for download each round. The first round started September 15 and features Own Little World as the song to remix. Contestants can submit up to four remixes by November 15. Winners will be chosen by public vote and there are all sorts of nifty prizes up for grabs. You should check out the site for the rules and requirements. You can also go to the contest’s MySpace page for more info.

If something like this interests you but you don’t have any music making software, don’t worry. I know a few pieces of freeware and demoware that can help you out. First you can try Acid XPress 5.0. But be warned, it only allowed me to convert a limited number of projects into MP3 or WAV format. You should also check out Audacity, which is an open source program that allows you to record and edit audio. The trackers listed in The Mod Archive might also be useful in helping you compose your own music. They will take a while to figure out, but it will probably be worth the effort.

Sorry, no songs today. I’ll get around to talking about bands and their music soon enough. And to those of you who submitted music, don’t worry. You’ll have your chance.

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