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I recently got wind of a new artist called Jen Chapin. She just released her second album Ready on July 11. I got a chance to dip my finger into this sonic treat and get a taste of its sweet contents. Just like a good chocolate mousse, it was smooth and rich with flavor. And I come from a French family, so I know what a good mousse is supposed to taste like.

Moving away from dessert references, let’s get to the music itself. Like the song “NYC”, for example. When you listen to this song, you get the feeling like you’re in streetside club listening to a local band folk-rock band playing their home grown tunes. That might be due to the fact that most of Ready was recorded live in studio with spontaneous rehearsal time shoved in between recording time. That gives this album a very candid feeling.

The lyrics are also quite intelligent and engaging. Not only do they work on a sonic level (i.e. sounding good) but they convey a message that leaves the listener thinking. It seems to offer criticism and maybe even longing for NYC. In the second verse Chapin sings:

this town is not so bad
if you have a taste for college boy beer
but the trains have no graffiti
and the river’s too clear
I want that dirty
that dirty real thing
that real NYC thing

Then in the chorus she sings, “I want to go back to NYC.” Then she seems have gotten back and repeats the line, “I haven’t found the real thing.” These lyrics most likely represent the desire for something that has very recognizable flaws, but despite them you keep coming back. I guess it all ties into that quote, “You like a person for their qualities, you love them for their flaws.” In this case, I suppose that quote applies to NYC. Lord knows my friends have their flaws, but those are the things that makes them interesting. I guess that’s what makes NYC so interesting in comparison to some boring, “normal” where everything is nice and clean.

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Jen Chapin – NYC

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