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The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw

This is just a very quick post that I felt like writing on a whim. I was cruising through my music collection and came across this song that I originally discovered through an old Penny Arcade news post. This song, called “The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw,” was created from the recordings that some guy made of his coworker when he was playing Counter Strike and failing miserably. There’s a lot of swearing in this song, but it’s so hilarious because there’s practically no repetition. Every f-bomb this guy drops is different from the ones that came before it. And he drops enough of them to take out a small country. I think that a lot of gamers out there can relate to this poor man’s suffering. We’ve all had something like this happen to us to some degree or another.

Shades of Dave – The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw

By the way, the reason the artist is listed as Shades of Dave is because that’s the name of the blog that belonged to the guy who originally posted this song. Uh, at least I think so.

KRUD News: We now have a Radio KRUD group at Last.fm. So far Glenn and I are the only members, so feel free to join up. I also just created a new syndicated feed for Radio KRUD on LiveJournal if that holds any interest for any of our readers.

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