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DJ Olive

Need a little more ambience in your life? Or, to be more specific, some more ambient music? Then I give unto you DJ Olive, one of the better ambient composers out today. His particular style is what one might call “ambient dub,” which is basically a mix of ambient techno and reggae beats. His songs are generally very laid back and easy-going, but never dull. DJ Olive manages to avoid the traps that a lot of other electronica composers fall into by not being overly repetitive. His music does contain loops, but it seems that he’s frequently making slight changes or adding in new sounds or even drastically altering the beat while maintaining the same feel, all to keep the listener engaged in the music. There also seems to be no moments of complete silence in his music, so when listening to one DJ Olive song right after the other (i.e. a full album), you really get a sense of his music being one cohesive composition.

Buy DJ Olive’s album Bodega
DJ Olive – Round Fire Strut
DJ Olive – Crossunder

The following song, “Coonymus,” is not from Bodega. It is from a compilation album called BBQ Beets II: The Return of the Yams that was released by The Agriculture just as Bodega was.

DJ Olive – Coonymus

One thought on “DJ Olive

  • DJ Olive is amazing. Formerly of We(TM) and now associated with theAgriculture record label. He also spins regularily at subtonic at the club tonic in new york. thurs nights last time i checked.


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