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Bianca & Sierra Casady

CocoRosie is a band with an intriguing sound and just as good a story. Formed in Paris, France by two reunited sisters, Sierra and Bianca Casady, CocoRosie is an experiment in improvisational musical composition. It all started when Sierra was studying opera at a conservatory in Paris when her sister Bianca randomly came to visit. This was after having previously decided, several years ago, that the sisters had nothing in common and did not belong together. If their musical preferences are any indication of how different they are then there is as great a separation between them as possible. Sierra is from the traditional school of musical thought whereas Bianca is much more progressive and avant garde in her approach.

Their debut album La Maison de Mon Rêve, which is French for “The House of My Dream,” resulted from these contrasting interests. The inspiration for making it just randomly hit them. It was their way of experiencing life at the moment. Imagine the two sisters sitting in a bathtub composing songs in a small Parisian apartment and then using a simple 4-track to turn their musical inspirations into realities. They mix traditional instruments, toy instruments, a variety of ambient sounds, and their own vocals on the album’s chaotically beautiful tracks.

I remember when I randomly stumbled across “By Your Side.” I was in a state of emotional conflict as I listened to it. The song was very beautiful, very sad, and very weird all at once. I wasn’t sure whether I should have smiled, cried, or just looked confused but I wanted to do all three. This was the first song I remember being afraid of listening to again despite having the irresistible urge to do so. I was afraid that a second listen might have broken me. If that experience doesn’t prove the emotional power of their music then I don’t know what will.

Buy CocoRosie’s album La Maison de Mon Rêve

CocoRosie – By Your Side
CocoRosie – Good Friday

3 thoughts on “CocoRosie

  • Jefferson Leandro

    Hi … thanks for bring more information about CocoRosie, is not so easy to get comments about alternative bands. Listening for the first time a feel cunfused too, but, is differente and the same time good. I think, we tired of all comercial songs, and is very hard to listen a different end good song. So CocoRosie is a good sound and this sound can shake our soul, with calm songs, but can. bye

  • cocorosie es poesía en estado puro. melodias preciosas. y el recuerdo de mis primeros jugetes. las amo.

  • Cocorosie are the best! Their music is very different, from what people are use to listen to, and that makes them so unik.
    And there is a beautifull story behind their music.
    that they found each other again, and started to play.

    I love their music!


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