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Last night I didn’t have anything better to do, so I threw together a quick little sign for Radio KRUD. It’s not much, but it’s something. Feel free to advertise this elsewhere. We’re always happy to have new readers.

Every artist in that sign has had a song or two posted by either Glenn or I. See if you can recognize who everybody is. Brownie points to whoever succeeds. One of the artists featured in that little collage wasn’t in a post but they did show up in a one-time only, half-hour radio show that Glenn and I did. What an honor. I’m sure their careers skyrocketed after that. I’m not even sure we had any listeners for that show. I do have a recorded copy. If you want it then give me an e-mail or an IM (both forms of contact available in my profile) and I can send it on over.

I would really like to do more webradio shows to complement our posts, but I don’t think that’s something Glenn and I will be able to do in the near future. We are busy, unfeeling monsters who do not care about the wants of the multitudes. Not even their pitiful, pleading cries could shift our stone cold hearts.

Now here’s some music by my friend Eric Ruth (a.k.a. DJ Potatoe). More on him in a future post. This is basically Dance Dance Revolution influenced eurobeat made by a really talented fanboy.

DJ Potatoe feat. Freda – 1981

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